I am still captivated by the visual experience. I still love walking the streets of New York City and am still taken with the sight of sky scrapers and the life on the street. If it is not bitter cold and windy walking around at night is a real kick. And this extensive available light, color, night shooting was new for me and it was very enjoyable.

A collection of what seem to be sheds are set up at Union Square in New York City during the Christmas season. The city supplied electricity, for a fee, and a little temporary market is set up. For several years I gravitated to night shooting during the Christmas season. It is cheerful and the photographer can be easily ignored by every one concerned. If the vendor does not want me to take pictures there, I don't. Another colorful sight is just a few feet away.

When I first started in photography as a young guy I had no clear path in mind. Looking at this long career of 50 years I reflect with amusement that at one point I wanted to be a virtuoso! Of all things.

I abandoned that idea and I just wanted to take  pictures and make prints. My path was one of straight photography. I tried to avoid artifice and to make a concentrated visual experience by eliminating everything but what had got my attention in the first place. Looking at this body of work has me musing that, I was here, and I did this and it pleased me.
I hope it does you too.